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In artistic practice, I induce the unconscious nature to leave traces on a surface and to generate sounds and vibrations in the moment of creation. I paint unreal landscapes where rhythm and pictorial signs constantly dialogue. I create noisy soundscapes where the structure of the composition comes from the sounds of the painting process.

I mainly use oil pastels to create rhythmic marks on 300 gsm paper applied to a rigid support. This combination of materials allows for a louder sound to be obtained from a hard surface on which microphones are specially placed for recording. I perform a pictorial sign and an acoustic signal at the same time. Hence the awareness of a double creation: a painting and a musical composition.


Based on improvisation, this process allows me to be more complete and free. Improvising using sound and sign simultaneously means altering the state of attention, and discovering something about the world and about ourselves.

The paintings, sounds, and installations created reflect the human condition through gestures, a point of contact between subjective and objective vision, a frozen instant in which everyone can reflect themselves, give shape to little recognizable elements, and listen to the emotions they project into the operates its own subjectivity.

Tuftupa - A.V.R. 2022 | 7 Inch EP


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