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Indeterminate, amorphous, and esoteric visions come together in abstract works by artist Paolo Notaristefano. Paolo, a young Italian artist who specializes in painting and drawing, often turns to paper to capture his subjects. His paintings, typically paradoxical at first sight, explore the co-existence of observation and perception.

Paolo, born in 1993 in Massafra in the province of Taranto, graduated as a graphic designer in 2012. In 2013, he worked for a Web and Graphic Design Agency before enrolling in the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari and graduating in 2017. Paolo’s abstract paintings are highly discursive. Inspired by post-impressionistic values of form and distortion, Paolo paints expressive and undefined scenes that prompt viewers to assign their own meaning and value to his art. Touching on Renaissance ideals surrounding individualism, Paolo looks at the privilege and possibility of every observer, able to cultivate narratives unique to their personal experience of art.

Paolo continues to expand on his critical vision of the creative possibilities of art. Ever-present on the Italian Jazz scene, the artist-cum-drummer projects bring music and art together. Magnetizing the movement of sound and the movement of his subjects - more important, in his process, than presenting action itself - Paolo continues to unearth new and exciting ways to explore light and motion. Since October 2019, Paolo has been a resident at the NDSM TREEHOUSE "playground for artists". Based in the new, artistic heart of contemporary Amsterdam, Paolo promises more thought-provoking works to come.


  • 2022 Momentum, Group exhibition, Ndsm Treehouse Amsterdam

  • 2021 Open Atelier Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam Noord

  • 2021 WUNDERKAMMER, Group exhibition, Fuse Gallery, Amsterdam

  • 2019-2022 Treehouse NDSM Amsterdam - Resident Artist

  • 2018 G12 - Group exhibition of contemporary art, from an idea by Dario Agrimi - Beltrani art palace - Trani (BAT)

  • 2018 Painting everywhere 2 - Group exhibition of contemporary art, Former convent of Santa Chiara, Mola di Bari (BA)

  • 2017 Daunia Land Art - Artistic residence, with the Cuban artist Lazaro Saavedra. Curator Giacomo Zaza, Foggia

  • 2017 Nocivelli Award 2017, Finalist in the sculpture section, Brescia

  • 2017 Pendulum Award, Finalist in the painting section, Corato

  • 2016 Contempo: an itinerant exhibition of contemporary art, a Transartistic cultural event in the historic center of Conversano

  • 2016 Group show: Oxygenated Water, Studio Fellaino, Barletta

  • 2016 Group exhibition: IN & OUT, MAAAC Museum of contemporary and archaeological art, Cisternino

  • 2015 Group exhibition: Future Next, 16 alternative creative processes Atelier Photographérie, Bari

  • 2015 Group exhibition: The sign of passion drawings compared to Spain and Italy, Bari Academy of Fine Arts, Mola di Bari, Accademia computense of Madrid

  • 2014 Arte Pollino, Artistic residence of the Pollino National Park

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