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Home: Benvenuti
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A dreamlike journey, surreal chromatic settings where the human element merges with the environment, becoming its light, rather than anthropomorphic forms appear to be suggestions of a possible reality”

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fine arts for eyes and ears

Tuftupa is a Contemporary Synesthetic Experimentation of  Rhythmic Sign and Visual Sound. In this marvelous artistic journey, Notari summarizes the audio/visual process into 3 main points:

  1. The mutual conditioning between Visual Art and Music: sign creates the sound and the sound creates the sign 

  2. Unique space-time: the performer is a musician and a painter simultaneously

  3. Improvisation as an pretext: freedom to express one’s own rhythm 

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la resilienza dei resti

collection of undesirable things

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framed looks better

All the paintings and prints can be framed with love and craftsmanship by Schaller Lijsten, one of the oldest and high-quality frame shops in Amsterdam for long life and conservation.

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Collect on R|SE ART

Collect handpicked art from Notari on the Rise

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